Home Cinema

Award-winning, bespoke home cinema installations create incredible spaces to enjoy the latest blockbusters with family and friends. 

Turn your empty room into an immersive space that can be used for watching films. Each room is different, and so is each home cinema installation – this means a comprehensive design is carried out at the start of the project to guarantee an incredible experience when you press play. 




A dual-use cinema allows you to transform a living space at the touch of a button: dimming lights while the screen lowers, and the projector turns on. This means you can use the room as a living space day to day, and still have that blockbuster experience when it’s movie time.

Whether you want a place for the family to hang out, or a den to watch sports NV Integration can help. A high brightness projector allows a clear image on-screen, even with lighting levels high enough to make a drink, or play pool

Anything is possible.

Home Network

In any modern home, the demand for data is growing, with internet usage habits drastically changing in the past 5 years, a hard-wired backbone to the home network is more important than ever. 

It has and always will be the case that devices will operate faster, and more reliably if they are connected with a cable. It also keeps the wireless channels clear for internet browsing.

Devices in the home need not suffer from buffering when loading high-quality video and audio when streaming to TVs and speakers. Hard wired connections allow for faster, and more reliable connections to the internet as opposed to WiFi. 

For devices that require WiFi: phones, tablets, laptops. A secure connection is imperative. By discreetly installing WiFi boosters throughout the home you will have a strong secure connection and your device will always automatically switch to the strongest signal from the closest WiFi booster. 

As the demand for data increases, so must the capacity of the incoming internet to the house. Domestic broadband is often not suitable due to the locations, or demand. A dedicates lease line which brings fibre connection directly into the home can eradicate drops in connectivity by providing an internet connection with guaranteed superfast connection speeds. 

There is no crystal ball for the future but NV Integration can future-proof your home with the appropriate cabling infrastructure, safeguarding for future technologies that aren’t even invented yet.



The world is undergoing a seismic shift in what it means to be safe, to be healthy, to work, and to care for ourselves and others.

Which is why we need solutions that prioritise your health and wellness within the built environment.

By responding to the conditions in your home, purifying your air and water and providing dynamic lighting designed to restore your body’s natural rhythms. The solutions are designed to help enhance energy, sleep and overall well-being, and reduce indoor contaminants that negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health.

Water Filtration helps improve your home’s water quality, by filtering out impurities and improving taste so you and your family can benefit from a cleaner, better-tasting water throughout your home.

Enhanced Sleep creates a transitional ambience to prepare you for deep sleep and an energised awakening, minimising disturbance and light pollution and mitigating blue light exposure.

Circadian Lighting mirrors natural light patterns to help your body maintain its circadian rhythm, which can improve hormone balance, appetite, sleep, energy and productivity.

Air Purification helps filter contaminants and pollutants from the air, expel odours and remove toxins, harmful chemicals and pathogens.

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